The Releases

The Eternal Night (2020)

The Eternal Night (2020)

1. White rabbit

2. Throne of slaves

3. As stormy clouds embraced the dark we walked the path of endless life

4. Memories of times to come

5. Hands of justice

6. Blessed by chaos

7. War for peace

8. Venemous fairytales

9. Ave dominus nox

10. Lost

Recorded by Hellforce
Mixed and Mastered by Florian Bauer
Coverartwork by Bloodboy

The EP (2011)

The EP (2011)

1. Bloodpath

2. Lock up

3. Demonic incandescence

4. Forces of hell

5. The dawn of death*


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Michael “Mu” Murauer except * by Hellforce

*Live at Masters of Cassel 2009